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My new single “Rosenheim” is out on A Strangely Isolated Place.

“I remember when I first heard Ulrich Schnauss’ music; it was like nothing I’d heard before and his tracks possessed an almost unnaturally positive aura about them. Unique and (ironically), very hard to compare against, his music is for me, moments of personal expression that live and thrive in their own self-respected unique qualities. If you’re in and you like it, you’re in for good…

Whether a comparison between Duncan Bailey’s work and Ulrich Schnauss is right or not, it definitely adorns these qualities and is an evident inspiration in ‘Rosenheim’. Addictive progression, melodies, chords and synths to die for, Public Transport captures a moving snapshot in time, where music inspired creativity, and creativity inspired music – the perfect evolution.”

You can check out the whole writeup over at the release page, where you can also download it in either 320k MP3 or FLAC.